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Related Services

Related Services

The Martinez Unified School District employs eight full and part-time school psychologists’ positions serving the families in our community. They offer support for students ranging from pre-school age through high school. Psychologists participate on various integrated teams, such as Care Team and Individual Education Program (IEP) Teams to assist with coordination of educational planning for students. Services may include search and serve at the pre-school level, assessment, IEP mandated counseling to support school success, consultation, and crisis support throughout the district.

Contact Information

Macie Van Eckhardt
Schools: Martinez Junior High School
Phone: (925) 313-0440 x 2081 / (925) 335-5840

Haley Spafford
Schools: Las Juntas Elementary, John Muir Elementary School
Voice Mail: (925) 335 - 5830

Rachel Kuiper
Schools: Alhambra High School
Phone: (925) 335-5810 x 1812

Pamela Lewis 
Schools: John Swett Elementary
Phone: 335-5810/335-5860

Christine Requa
School: Morello Park Elementary, Martinez Early Intervention Preschool Program (MEIPP)

Dr. Jenna Ouye
School: Alhambra High School, Martinez Early Intervention Preschool Program (MEIPP)